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Mold Inspection Sciences of Denver specializes in professional mold detection, mold inspection, and mold testing. We do not perform mold remediation, mold abatement, or construction, and thus no conflicts of interest. If you need a professional, friendly, unbiased inspection for mold from an experienced company, please contact us.

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Mold Testing in Denver

Mold Testing in Denver

Mold Inspection Sciences' mold testing services can determine the type of mold in your property and will quantify the mold spore counts in the air that you are breathing.  If you need to test for mold, we are the right company.

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Certified Mold Inspectors

Certified Mold Inspector in Denver

Mold Inspection Sciences' field investigators are certified mold inspectors.  If you are looking to have your property inspected for mold, it's important that you hire an experienced, professional, and certified mold inspector.

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Property Issues

Roof Leaks and Mold Odor in Denver

Mold Inspection Sciences provides services to inspect for mold and moisture.  If your home or business has mold odor or roof leaks or other moisture related issues, call us to inquire about our mold inspection and testing services.

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